The Disney Crossy Road PH Mystery Box giveaway ("Promotion") is run by Go Game Pte. Ltd. ("goGame"), a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore with its registered office at 51 Tai Seng Avenue, #B1-03, Pixel Red, Singapore 533941, the publisher of Disney Crossy Road. This Promotion runs from 19th of July 2018 to 18th of October 2018.

Winners will be notified via SMS upon winning a prize.

For a subscriber to qualify, he/she must:

• Be a subscriber of Globe, whether in postpaid or prepaid plans
• Own an Android mobile phone or tablet capable of downloading the mobile application
• Be 13 years of age or older (participants under the age of 18 must obtain his/her parent or guardian’s consent to participate)
• Reside in the Philippines
• Have downloaded and subscribed to Disney Crossy Road PH
Further details regarding subscription are available at http// as per DTI Number#13399 Series of 2018.


Subscription is mandatory for Globe users who wish to play Disney Cross Road.


• The user can text DCR ON to 2600 to subscribe. Subscriber will then be charged with P5.00/day.
• Users who subscribe will be sent a free SMS to his/her registered mobile number to acknowledge subscription.
• User will receive two (2) verification codes during registration and subscription process. First (1st) for verifying the mobile number and second (2nd) to confirm subscription request.
• User may choose to opt out at any time by texting STOP DCR to 2600


1) Determination of gadget winners will take place bi-monthly at the Xurpas Inc. office located at 7th Floor, Cambridge Center Building, 108 Tordesillas corner Gallardo sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.
2) Representatives from Xurpas and DTI will be present during the determination date.
3) A player can win as many times as possible for the duration of the promo.
4) Decision of the Xurpas representative shall be final with concurrence of the DTI representative.
Determination Date Cut-Off
August 3 July 19 – August 2
August 18 August 3 – August 17
September 1 August 18 – August 31
September 15 September 1 – September 14
September 29 September 15 – September 28
October 19 September 29 – October 18


• Tariff is subscription-based: P5.00/day.
• Tariff provides access to all levels of play in a game.
• Logging out from the game will not reset your game progress to zero.


• To opt out, user has to text STOP DCR to 2600 for free.


List of Prizes
P10 Load
P20 Load
P50 Load
P100 Load
P500 Load
P500 Load
IPhone X
SM Gift Cheques
Toy Kingdom Gift Vouchers
Sodexo Vouchers
SM Cinema Vouchers

• For prizes exceeding P10,000.00, the 20% prize tax will be shouldered by the winner.
• Only Globe Load credits are transferable.
• All prizes are NOT convertible to cash.


All employees of goGame, Globe Telecom and Xurpas Inc. its agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining the promo.


1. The final prize of a player shall be determined by the following:

• Android game validated database logs
• Notification (via registered mail) stating prize won
• Having complied with the mechanics of the promo

2. Consistency of the three items above shall determine whether the player has won a prize, as well as what that prize is.

3. Said winners shall be notified by telephone from an authorized Company representative, and by registered mail.

4. Globe Telecom and Xurpas Inc. reserves the right to conduct further validation and verification before awarding the prize to the winner.

5. Xurpas has the right to terminate accounts and forfeit prizes of subscribers who have been proved to progress within the game using fraudulent transactions. Fraudulent transactions may include but are not limited to the use of:
• Stolen or fake accounts
• Domain hijacking
• Automated scripts to play or interfere with the site’s normal flow
• Data injection into the gaming server

6. A subscriber may win more than once during the promo period.


Instant Load
For prepaid subscribers: Winners will be awarded instantly and electronically with the cellphone load within 24-48 hours after claiming the prize.

For postpaid subscribers: Load prize will be automatically converted to GCASH.

1. Winners must present the following when claiming their prize:

• Two (2) valid IDs with picture and address (ex. SSS, Driver’s license, PRC card, Company ID or Passport);
• The SIM card used in playing to win the prize;
• The official registered mail sent by the company;
• The SMS sent to the user after claiming of the prize online
• Tax Identification Number
• Amount equivalent to 20% prize tax, if applicable.

2. Prizes shall be awarded only upon completion of entire validation process, resulting in the subscriber being identified as a legitimate winner.

3. For postpaid subscribers, accounts should have no outstanding overdue balance and be current on the date of redemption. Outstanding overdue balances must be settled prior to the release of the prize.

4. For prepaid subscribers, accounts should have been properly decremented for all transactions on the date of redemption. Globe and Xurpas’ system logs should show that the winner has actually been successfully billed for his/her corresponding subscription(s) in relation to his/her winning(s).

5. If the winner is a minor, he must be accompanied by his/her parent(s) or legal guardian.

6. For prizes above P10,000.00, the 20% prize tax will be shouldered by the winners. For non-cash prize above P10,000.00, the winner shall pay the 20% tax to the company in cash before he or she may claim the non-cash prize. The company shall be responsible for remitting the 20% tax to the Bureau of Internal Revenue in accordance to applicable law and regulations.

7. Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from the receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right over the prize with prior DTI approval.

8. For Metro Manila winners, prizes may be claimed at the Xurpas Inc. office located at 7th Floor, Cambridge Center, Tordesillas cor. Gallardo St. Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227.

9. For provincial winners: The company shall contact the winner and make arrangements for claiming the prize.

10. Winners must claim their prize at the Xurpas office. Transportation, board and lodging expenses for claiming the prize shall be shouldered by the winner.

11. In case the winning subscriber cannot claim the prize personally, winners can send an authorized representative. The authorized representative should have an authorization letter and 2 valid IDs with picture and address, the official notification letter and the winning SIM card registered to the game.

12. If the name of the subscriber indicated in the Globe Telecom billing system as being the postpaid subscriber is different from the name of the game registrant, the game registrant will be qualified to receive the prize if the postpaid subscriber submits an affidavit certifying that the postpaid subscriber has authorized the winner to use his/her postpaid SIM card to join the promo and that he/she waives his/her right to the prize in favor of the website registrant. The Company may request additional identification documents to verify the identity of the postpaid subscriber.

13. If the postpaid SIM card number corresponds to a subscription of a company, then the game registrant will be qualified to receive the prize if the duly authorized representative of the company owning the postpaid SIM card submits an affidavit certifying that the company has authorized the game registrant to join the promo and that the company is waiving its right to claim the prize won.

14. If the game registrant is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/legal guardian when he/she claims his/her prize. The subscriber’s parent/legal guardian must then present his/her valid government identification and certified true copy of the minor’s birth certificate evidencing that he/she is the parent/legal guardian of the subscriber.

15. Winners should submit a signed waiver agreeing that their photos and likenesses may be used for advertising needs, such as photo/video sessions and a video-recorded interview about the circumstances surrounding his/her wins. The following rules apply to the photo/video session:
• The face must be uncovered.
• Xurpas may require photo ID to confirm the winners usual appearance.

16. If a winner refuses to comply with these rules, goGame reserves the right to suspend payment of the prize.

17. The information gathered may be used to write a press release sent to the media.

18. Winners information, photos, and videos may also appear in one of goGame and Xurpas Games’ commercials, including but not limited to, television and radio, digital ads as well as in the game itself.

Failure to submit any of the required proof and documentation is grounds for disqualification.

1. Xurpas and goGame reserve the right to publish the name, region, address, photograph, and video of the winners. This rule is one of the conditions of participation in the game, which allows Xurpas and goGame to provide the public with proof of the prizes won by users. This constitutes a fundamental transparency issue.

2.Xurpas and goGame are not in the business of manufacturing or selling smartphones, tablets or any similar device. Hence, they do not warrant that all features of the website/app will work on the users device. If the website/app is not compatible with the device, images on the device may not accurately show the actual results of the promo. Therefore, the winner is determined by the presence of all requisites for validation enumerated above. Absence of any of the requisites means the user is not a winner of the prize.

Control Measures
1. DTI representative shall be invited to check, test, validate and verify the computer system for registration and seeding of predetermined winning transaction IDs before the start of the promo.

2. A copy of the said system shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by the DTI representative for safekeeping of Xurpas for verification of DTI at anytime.

3. Seeding of non-winning and winning transaction IDs will be done during the program verification. Unique IDs will be assigned to every “Mystery Box” of the game to completely eliminate duplication. These winning IDs containing the prizes shall be stored in a secure and robust system, free from tampering. Access to this system will only be through one programmer.

4. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be given to the DTI Representative after verification. The DTI representative shall check the database of the promo.

5. A participant can opt-out by texting STOP DCR to 2600 or may call (02) 8896467 for manual opt-out. Once opted out, the subscriber will no longer receive any unsolicited info text messages from 2600.

6. The Company will inform DTI of the list of winners after verifying from the telecommunication company and any disqualified winner(s) and reason(s) for disqualification.

7. In case of any complaint, Xurpas system logs will be open to inspection by DTI as needed.

8. All complaints and queries regarding this promotional activity shall be attended by Xurpas’ hotline number that may be reached by dialing (02) 8896467.

By entering this Promotion you agree that your details will be stored on the goGame database and you may receive email correspondence from time to time advising of special offers or other such correspondence as in accordance with goGame’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from the database by using the link at the bottom on any such email.

Neither goGame nor any other person or party associated with this Promotion shall be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or  personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with this Promotion.

These terms and conditions are subjected to changes at any time in goGame’s sole discretion.